The KADOKAWA Group's Goal - Achieving “Content Sustainability”

KADOKAWA Group’s contents are created from the imaginations of creators, users, employees and many others, ranging from books, movies, anime, games and digital content to education, events and dining experiences. Protecting and delivering the contents that have been created since the Group's founding in 1945 and new contents that will continue to be created in the future—throughout the years and beyond international borders—is the KADOKAWA Group's important mission.

Fostering imagination, the creation and growth of contents, and reaching the hands of people around the world spreading further requires the realization of a rich global environment and a healthy society in which nobody is left behind. The KADOKAWA Group will tackle these social issues by combining people's imaginations with its intellectual property creation and IT technology capabilities.
In the future, the KADOKAWA Group will continue to contribute to the development of culture by spreading knowledge and emotional movement to more people than ever before, through the creation of sustainable contents.

Communicating the SDGs through contents

Communicating the SDGs through contents

Group companies such as KADOKAWA and CHOUBUNSHA have been publishing handbooks, novels, picture books, illustrated reference books, and other works to resolve social issues even before the word SDGs came about. There is a lineup of publications for a wide range of ages and diverse readerships, from Change us, Transform the Future: the first step towards the SDGs (CHOUBUNSHA), a picture book that gives a simple overview for children of the concepts surrounding the SDGs, and Pink Is for Boys (KADOKAWA), a picture book that deals with gender, to Anata to SDGs o tsunagu "sekai o tadashiku miru" shukan (Habits for "Seeing the World Correctly" That Connect You to the SDGs) (KADOKAWA), which is for adults.