Global Expansion

The global business is an important area for growth for the KADOKAWA Group. We are involved in the publishing of translated works, the publishing of original works produced overseas, e-books, games, anime, and other film works, and the planning and development of media to deliver information in cooperation with our Group companies in the US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. We develop intellectual property developed in Japan and abroad in a three-dimensional way across the globe, and we develop a global media mix that maximizes the value of this intellectual property.

List of overseas Group companies

1. Developing Global Media Mix of Japanese Intellectual Property

We are expanding the licensing of intellectual property developed in Japan globally in cooperation with our partner companies both in and outside Japan and through our overseas bases. We offer many works to fans through wide-ranging platforms that match the market characteristics of each country and region, including the publishing of translated works, the overseas distribution of anime, and the overseas development of games. We are implementing a media mix strategy using the diverse portfolio unique to KADOKAWA.

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2. Expanding Licensing Globally for Intellectual Property Developed Overseas

We are expanding the development of overseas intellectual property in Japan from original intellectual property created and developed abroad and for intellectual property whose rights have been acquired by various overseas companies. Utilizing our overseas bases and global network, we are translating overseas works and publishing them in the Japanese market, while also moving forward with our expansion strategy that makes full use of the KADOKAWA Group's entire assets, such as the further licensing out of these overseas works across the globe.

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3. The Global Platform Business

We are starting work on cross-border businesses that connect directly with overseas markets and customers by utilizing digital technology to transcend borders. We are involved in the platform business, responding to markets and areas from the operation of information media, including the social marketing business that uses social media platforms, direct distribution of e-books in multiple languages, direct-to-customer services such as e-commerce, and more. Another goal is to develop the fan community for the KADOKAWA brand and its works through our non-Japanese staff.