Creating Opportunities to Connect Users to Each Other Technologically

In our Web Service Segment, we operate video community services, plan and operate various events, and distribute mobile content.
We develop a range of digital content and services, harnessing our cutting-edge ideas and excellent technical abilities. This includes the video community service “Niconico” and events such as the “Niconico Chokaigi”, a hybrid event connecting online and real world, and “Animelo Summer Live”, the largest anime song event in the world.


The video community service “Niconico” provides a platform where users can enjoy communication using our original comment-posting function, including “Niconico Video” and “Niconico Live Streaming”.




We plan and operate new types of events which transcend boundaries of the digital and the real world, such as “Niconico Chokaigi”, the world's largest anime song event "Animelo Summer Live" and the Vocaloid festival ”The VOCALOID Collection”.

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Mobile Content

We distribute entertainment content, including music, the grand sumo tournament, and the online shopping website for mobile devices.

Group companies

  • Custom Cast, Inc.

    Custom Cast, Inc.

    They develop and operate ”Custom Cast”, an app where you can create a unique 3D avatar to your liking by freely selecting from a variety of parts with a single smartphone, including face, hairstyle, height, and body shape.

  • DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO develops a variety of digital content and entertainment services, taking advantage of innovative ideas and advanced technologies. Under the concept of “Inspiring people,connecting humanity with technology,” the company operates “Niconico Douga”, the social video platform, and holds events, including “Niconico Chokaigi”, events in the real world that mimic online events, and “Animelo Summer Live”, the world’s largest animation music event.
    It also engages in education. It has developed an e-learning application in cooperation with “N High School” and “S High School”, which are run by Kadokawa Dwango Educational Institute, and provides IT education Vantan (a subsidiary), an educational institution to cultivate young creators.