Operations of video community service, planning and operations of events, and distribution of mobile content

In our web service business, we develop a range of digital content and services, harnessing our cutting-edge ideas and excellent technical abilities as our strength based on the "Created online, connected online" concept. This includes the video platform ”niconico”, the planning and development of smartphone games and video games, and events such as the ”Niconico Chokaigi”, which reproduces the online world in the real world, and ”Animelo Summer Live”, the largest anime song event in the world.


Beginning with ”Niconico Video” and ”Niconico Live Streaming”, “niconico” offers a variety of video social network services which enable users to enjoy communication using our original comment-posting function.




We plan and operate new types of events which transcend boundaries of the digital and the real world, such as “Niconico Chokaigi”, the video game festival “Tokaigi (Game Party Japan)” and the world's largest anime song event "Animelo Summer Live."

Mobile Content

We distribute entertainment content, including music, anime, the grand sumo tournament, audiobooks, the entertainment news website, the online shopping website for mobile devices.

Group companies