New Projects for Major Intellectual Property and Initiatives for Digital Transformations

We are working to promote and implement digital transformations (DX) in addition to operating TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN and other facilities for experiencing intellectual property and merchandising (MD) projects to plan and sell character merchandise.

Plan and sell character merchandise(MD)

Licensees and KADOKAWA CORPORATION sell merchandising, including goods linked with KADOKAWA animation, books, comics, and games. There are a wide variety of goods, including figures, which are popular, stationery, and confectioneries. They are sold at e-commerce stores directly managed by KADOKAWA, animation specialty stores, bookstores, exclusive sales outlets at airports, and other types of stores as well as at events in Japan and overseas. Overseas, translated publications are sold and certain goods are sold exclusively at events mainly through overseas bases.

illustration:Jyuu Ayakura

Operation of IP experiential facilities



In November 2020, KADOKAWA opened ”TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN”, a large-scale complex that is also the largest pop-culture facility in Japan. This facility is a base for “The Cool Japan Forest Vision” promoted jointly by KADOKAWA and the Tokorozawa city government, which aims to create a city everyone wants to live in and visit, blending greenery, culture, and industry. In addition to an expansive office, book manufacturer, and distribution factory, the facility also features an event hall, a restaurant, and a variety of shops offering new experiences with intellectual property. We will showcase the appeal of Japanese culture and content to the world from ”TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN” in the future.

Kadokawa Culture Museum

Kadokawa Culture Museum Kadokawa Culture Museum

©Kadokawa Culture Museum

This is the flagship facility of ”TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN”, operated by the Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation with design overseen by Kengo Kuma. An unprecedented project mixing a library, museum, and art museum together, this multicultural museum goes back and forth between the real world and virtual reality while inspiring the imagination.

Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion
Features two event halls: Hall A, with a capacity of 650 seated or up to 1,800 standing, and theatre-style Hall B, with a capacity of 200 seated. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from concerts, esports tournaments, and 2.5-dimensional stage performances to events.

Da Vinci Store

Da Vinci Store
An experience-based book store operated directly by KADOKAWA. The store features a section of books featuring select authors and an area produced in collaboration with the ”Kadokawa Culture Museum”, and it also sells merchandise.


A restaurant with food made using large amounts of ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, and mostly local. Delivering good taste along with the joy and pleasure of food through cooking.

Sennin Terrace, Central Plaza

Sennin Terrace, Central Plaza
Sennin Terrace expands out towards the row of cherry blossom trees along the Azuma River, and the Central Plaza hosts a variety of events. These two open spaces are quite expansive.

Musashino Reiwa Shrine

Musashino Reiwa Shrine
This is a new shrine built in ”TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN” to wish for the continual development of bright Japanese culture. The shrine is called "Musashino Reiwa Shrine".



The KADOKAWA group is working to promote and implement digital transformation to provide high-quality content and service and to improve employees’ productivity. The Group is changing three bases—the user base, the organization communication base, and the production and distribution base—through the introduction of cutting-edge ICT tools, the use of big data, and the building and operation of large-scale infrastructures, among other initiatives.
It has been producing results, including improvements in customer satisfaction, cost competitiveness, and productivity, the development of the internal environment and the promotion of workstyle reforms, the acceleration of management decision making, the low-cost operation of large-scale services, the reduction of risk and cost through optimized production and timely delivery, and expedited distribution.


Group companies

  • Yellow Jam Inc.

    Yellow Jam Inc.

    We provide services such as production and operation of various events and production and sales of goods.
    Utilizing our abundant registered part-time human resources and experience, we also manage multiple commercial facilities, including the facilities in “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN". We also actively promote human resources by utilizing our knowledge in human resource development, and our strength lies in our one-stop event holding and various operation services, which no other company can offer.



    Founded in June 2019 as a special subsidiary of KADOKAWA (special subsidiary accreditation in September of the same year). To assist in Group diversity and inclusion, this company develops unique businesses, including editing support, office services, manufacturing centered around coffee roasting, children's clubs, and more. They aim to create a work environment and corporate culture where the humanity of each person can be understood through respect.

  • KADOKAWA Global Marketing Co., Ltd.

    KADOKAWA Global Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2018 as a company specializing in offering one-stop global marketing solutions. They develop a variety of businesses, including the operation of social media, influencer management, marketing consulting, promotion planning, cross-border e-commerce support, and more, and have made it their mission to promote cultural exchange and business collaboration  between Japan and overseas countries. Utilizing excellent international personnel  who have knowledge about the overseas business and a connection to the local market, and by working closely with  the Group's overseas business units, they are gaining local support which other competitors may not have.

  • KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc.

    KADOKAWA Game Linkage Inc.

    KADOKAWA Game Linkage is attempting to create new value related to games. It develops game media, including publications under the brands of “Famitsu” and “Game no Dengeki”, online services and video distribution, produces gaming team “FAV gaming”, and plans esports events.
    It will increase the excitement from games to users and will bring the fun of games to more people.

  • KADOKAWA Connected Inc.

    KADOKAWA Connected Inc.

    With strengths in large-scale infrastructure projects, networking, and big data analysis, this company develops and operates infrastructure for services offered by the KADOKAWA Group, is involved in ICT consulting and support for working style reforms, and offers experience-based digital transformation advisory services.
    They also develop solutions that will be required in the future, including AI, big data, and networking, and deploy these solutions both within and outside the Group.

  • Kadokawa Media House Inc.

    Kadokawa Media House Inc.

    Kadokawa Media House supports the KADOKAWA group and entertainment companies in intellectual property marketing. It is a business solution company that provides support for the planning of advertising and promotions, creative direction, the planning and production of events, space production and the operation of the experience business.

  • Cool Japan Travel, Inc.

    Cool Japan Travel, Inc.

    COOL JAPAN TRAVEL is a travel planning company established by KADOKAWA, which has produced anime, comics, games, and other Cool Japan content, in partnership with WILLER, a company that is involved in bus, railway, and other transport solutions. They offer special experiences to connect content and fans as travel products, including official anime and game tours, interactive events with actors, voice actors, and artists, and overnight events with athletes and creators. They plan to expand their business beyond Japan and aim to offer special value to fans of KADOKAWA content around the world.

  • DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO develops a variety of digital content and services, taking advantage of innovative ideas and advanced technologies. Under the concept of “Inspiring people,connecting humanity with technology,” the company operates “Niconico”, the video platform, and holds events, including “Niconico Chokaigi”, events in the real world that mimic online events, and “Animelo Summer Live”, the world’s largest animation music event.
    It also engages in education. It has developed “N Prep School”, an e-learning application, in cooperation with “N High School”, which is run by Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen. It cooperates with Vantan (a subsidiary), an educational institution to cultivate young creators.

  • Virtual Cast, Inc.

    Virtual Cast, Inc.

    They develop a variety of content and services to maximize brain endorphins with the idea of creating a future that is slightly off using their technological strength with virtual reality. This includes ”VirtualCast”, a virtual reality live communication service, and ”THE SEED ONLINE”, a 3D data sharing service that makes the management and distribution of 3D models a reality.
    They also offer a variety of augmented and virtual reality solutions, including technological cooperation for large-scale augmented reality concerts and the realization of a virtual reality educational platform utilizing ”VirtualCast” for ”N High School” and ”S High School” operated by KADOKAWA DWANGO.