The Operation of Facilities and Our Merchandising (MD) Business Expand the Potential of the Media Mix

We operate facilities for other businesses, including “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN”, and engage in the merchandising (MD) business for planning and selling character merchandise and other merchandise, thereby rolling out (media mix) content inspired by publications and anime in different forms.

Plan and sell character merchandise(MD)

We license other companies to merchandise our proprietary animated works, books, comics, etc. and also merchandise them in-house. We plan a broad range of merchandise, from internationally popular figures to stationery and confectioneries. They are domestically and globally made available at KADOKAWA’s e-commerce store, online lottery stores, animation specialty stores, bookstores, event venues and many other locations.

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Operation of facilities


This is a large-scale complex that KADOKAWA opened in Tokorozawa City, Saitama in November 2020, aiming to be one of Japan's largest hubs for pop culture communication. “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN” is the base for The Cool Japan Forest Vision promoted jointly by KADOKAWA and the Tokorozawa city government and the Saitama Culture & Tourism Republic based on a tripartite cooperation agreement between KADOKAWA, Saitama prefecture and the Tokorozawa city government. In addition to offices and the Book Manufacturing and Distribution Factory, “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN” also features shops and facilities. The cumulative number of visitors has now exceeded three million.


“Kadokawa Culture Museum” is a landmark in “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN”. It is a cultural complex including a library, art museums and other facilities. Other features include the “Da Vinci Store” which is an experience-based bookstore run by KADOKAWA, the “Canteen KADOKAWA restaurant”, the e-sport facility “FAV ZONE” and the event hall “Japan Pavilion”.

*“Kadokawa Culture Museum” and “Musashino Reiwa Shrine” are operated by the the Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation.

Kadokawa Culture Museum

Kadokawa Culture Museum Kadokawa Culture Museum

©Kadokawa Culture Museum

Da Vinci Store

Da Vinci Store





Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Musashino Reiwa Shrine

Musashino Reiwa Shrine


Group companies

  • Yellow Jam Inc.

    Yellow Jam Inc.

    We provide services such as production and operation of various events and production and sales of goods.
    Utilizing our abundant registered part-time human resources and experience, we also manage multiple commercial facilities, including the facilities in “TOKOROZAWA SAKURA TOWN". We also actively promote human resources by utilizing our knowledge in human resource development, and our strength lies in our one-stop event holding and various operation services, which no other company can offer.



    Founded in June 2019 as a special subsidiary of KADOKAWA (special subsidiary accreditation in September of the same year). To assist in Group diversity and inclusion, this company develops unique businesses, including editing support, office services, manufacturing centered around coffee roasting, children's clubs, and more. They aim to create a work environment and corporate culture where the humanity of each person can be understood through respect.

  • KADOKAWA Global Marketing Co., Ltd.

    KADOKAWA Global Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2018 as a company specializing in offering one-stop global marketing solutions. They develop a variety of businesses, including the operation of social media, influencer management, marketing consulting, promotion planning, cross-border e-commerce support, and more, and have made it their mission to promote cultural exchange and business collaboration  between Japan and overseas countries. Utilizing excellent international personnel  who have knowledge about the overseas business and a connection to the local market, and by working closely with  the Group's overseas business units, they are gaining local support which other competitors may not have.

  • KADOKAWA Connected Inc.

    KADOKAWA Connected Inc.

    With strengths in large-scale infrastructure projects, networking, and big data analysis, this company develops and operates infrastructure for services offered by the KADOKAWA Group, is involved in ICT consulting and support for working style reforms, and offers experience-based digital transformation advisory services.
    They also develop solutions that will be required in the future, including AI, big data, and networking, and deploy these solutions both within and outside the Group.

  • Kadokawa Media House Inc.

    Kadokawa Media House Inc.

    Kadokawa Media House supports the KADOKAWA group and entertainment companies in intellectual property marketing. It is a business solution company that provides support for the planning of advertising and promotions, creative direction, the planning and production of events, space production and the operation of the experience business.

  • Cool Japan Travel, Inc.

    Cool Japan Travel, Inc.

    COOL JAPAN TRAVEL is a travel planning company established by KADOKAWA, which has produced anime, comics, games, and other Cool Japan content, in partnership with WILLER, a company that is involved in bus, railway, and other transport solutions. They offer special experiences to connect content and fans as travel products, including official anime and game tours, interactive events with actors, voice actors, and artists, and overnight events with athletes and creators. They plan to expand their business beyond Japan and aim to offer special value to fans of KADOKAWA content around the world.

  • DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO Co., Ltd.

    DWANGO develops a variety of digital content and entertainment services, taking advantage of innovative ideas and advanced technologies. Under the concept of “Inspiring people,connecting humanity with technology,” the company operates “Niconico Douga”, the social video platform, and holds events, including “Niconico Chokaigi”, events in the real world that mimic online events, and “Animelo Summer Live”, the world’s largest animation music event.
    It also engages in education. It has developed an e-learning application in cooperation with “N High School” and “S High School”, which are run by Kadokawa Dwango Educational Institute, and provides IT education Vantan (a subsidiary), an educational institution to cultivate young creators.

  • Virtual Cast, Inc.

    Virtual Cast, Inc.

    They develop a variety of content and services to maximize brain endorphins with the idea of creating a future that is slightly off using their technological strength with virtual reality. This includes ”VirtualCast”, a virtual reality live communication service, and ”THE SEED ONLINE”, a 3D data sharing service that makes the management and distribution of 3D models a reality.
    They also offer a variety of augmented and virtual reality solutions, including technological cooperation for large-scale augmented reality concerts and the realization of a virtual reality educational platform utilizing ”VirtualCast” for ”N High School” and ”S High School” operated by KADOKAWA DWANGO.

  • Founded in Shanghai, China in 2018. The company has a new business model: it collaborates with Chinese IP companies leveraging the KADOKAWA Group’s ability to create intellectual property and develops domestically produced, original intellectual property such as manga, anime, games and live-action videos.