1. Initiatives for the Education Business

Initiatives for the Education Business

The KADOKAWA Group runs education businesses for students to learn about diversity and how to interact with local communities while also offering the opportunity to receive secondary and professional education to even more people.

N and S High School

Using interactive educational learning services and VR-based experiential learning services developed by DWANGO Co., Ltd. and in line with the digital age, students can study curriculums daily to earn a high school diploma using computers, smartphones, tablets, VR goggles, and other digital tools at N and S High School, operated by the KADOKAWA DWANGO educational institute. The number of students has greatly increased since N High School opened in 2016, offering educational opportunities to more than 20,000 students nationwide including S High School (opened in April 2021).

Students devote their free time to what they want to learn, as they can study efficiently whenever and wherever they want. In addition to, university entrance exam support, programing, and language study, the schools offer educational programs to experience actual agriculture and fishing across Japan, study abroad programs, other extracurricular programs, and activities to study esports, investing, and starting businesses from professionals so that students can learn about collective strengths while also valuing their own autonomy. The schools also offers courses about how to contribute to diversity and the local community through talk events with expert guests based on the themes of diversity & inclusion and careers of LGBTQ+ sexual minorities, and projects proposing plans to tackle social issues in cooperation with local governments, companies, universities, non-profit organizations, and specialists across Japan.

Vantan Inc.

Vantan operates 15 vocational schools for fashion, graphic design, games, film business, pastry chefs, cafes, creators and influencers in entertainment, and more through the Vantan Techford Academy (opened April 2020) which aims to develop the next generation of IT human resources, the Vantan Creator Academy (opened April 2021) which trains influencers such as video creators, and more. Vantan has trained the next generation of creators in a wide range of fields. Professionals active at the forefront of their fields act as teachers for the curriculum, and have prepared from the secondary education department which allows students to earn a high school diploma, to career colleges for working adults. Several academic-industrial projects are being implemented with an emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills.

In addition to holding 16 classes on SDGs in FY2020, Vantan is involved in social issues through its educational activities, including proposing borderless fashion free from gender, age, or nationality collaborating with a major clothing brand in FY2021.