Creating new intellectual property for games and expanding intellectual property through games

The Game Business includes planning, development, sales, and licensing of game software and internet games.

KADOKAWA has produced international hits. The cumulative sales volume of the “DARK SOULS” home game software series from FromSoftware, Inc. exceeded 27 million copies worldwide in May 2020. In the Game Awards 2019 held in North America, SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE, which was released in March 2019, was awarded Game of the Year.
The ”Danganronpa” series of games developed by Spike Chunsoft are quite popular, with approximately 4,500,000 copies sold worldwide, and there has been active development of intellectual property with anime, books, merchandise, and theatrical plays.
KADOKAWA CORPORATION has been developing licensed intellectual property games adapted from animation and books, original mobile games, and the “RPG Maker/Tkool” series, game development software that was released 30 years ago. The games are sold not only in Japan but also in Europe, the United States, and Asia. KADOKAWA Architecture plans to adapt Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Girls Collection), a web browser game, into animation and is holding related events and selling merchandise.

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Group companies

  • Kadokawa Games, Ltd.

    Kadokawa Games, Ltd.

    Kadokawa Games plans, develops, and sells game software. It was established in April 2009. The company engages in home game publishing for KADOKAWA group companies and plans and creates titles for original games. Kadokawa Games is dedicated to making games that are beloved by everyone as “a unique game company that is particular about developing games” with a view toward the global market.

  • Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc.

    Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc.

    The company was founded with the mission of delivering exciting experiences that enable anybody to become a game creator. It provides game developing experiences using the “RPG Maker/Tkool” series game development software, and a place where emotionally driven work can be gathered and both people and their work can shine. By supporting individual creators and small teams as they take flight into the world, the company creates attractive works together with creators.

  • FromSoftware, Inc.

    FromSoftware, Inc.

    FromSoftware was established in 1986 as a business application development company and started game software development in 1994. The company has been developing games for over 20 years, aiming to make valuable games.

  • Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

    Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

    Spike Chunsoft has received awards for many of its games. The company was formed in April 2012 with the merger of Spike, which produced the popular "Danganronpa" series which was made into an anime, and Chunsoft, which produced many hit games and developed new game genres with Banshee's Last Cry and Shiren the Wanderer. They develop and sell original titles, localize games from overseas, and develop games on contract. It is a company that is particular about creating content that is unique and fun.