Maximizing media mix between books and anime as the video business of a publishing company

In the video business, we plan, produce, and distribute movies, grant the rights to distribute movies, sell package software, and more.
We also develop businesses to maximize media mix between books and anime as the video business of a publishing company.


The parent organizations of the video business of KADOKAWA are Kadokawa Pictures, Daiei Film, and Nippon Herald Films. We produced major movies, including KU-KAI: Mystery of a Beautiful Queen, a Japanese-Chinese movie, and Fukushima 50, which won the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize in twelve different categories. We plan, produce, distribute, and advertise theatrical films and also distribute and stream them in other media formats and online based on the original works of KADOKAWA. We also distribute and advertise excellent foreign films and provide foreign dramas.

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KADOKAWA Anime was founded with the following mission as the video department of a publisher: Adapting books of the publisher into animation and maximizing both businesses. It continues to produce cutting-edge hits.
In addition to TV series adapted from KADOKAWA books, KADOKAWA Anime presents many high-end original works and animation adapted from the original works of other companies. It continues to take on challenges to expand the fields related to intellectual property, including distribution, overseas operation, the creation of games based on animation, and the adaptation of popular TV series into theatrical animation.

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