Maximize the Value of Content Through Live-Action and Anime

We plan, produce and distribute live-action and animated works, license movie distributions rights, sell package software and also operate Mubichike, a ticketing system for viewing movies at theaters and by digital means.
Aside from the creation of live-action, animated and other video content, we roll out content as many different types of media (the media mix) to maximize the value of the content and deliver it to fans all over the world.


In the creation of live-action content, we are developing a streamlined business, from planning to production, including creating plans, distributing advertisements, product distribution, video release, television adaptations, and more based on our own original works. We produced social awareness movies such as Fukushima 50, which won prizes in twelve different categories at the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize. Some of the movies we have produced have garnered international attention. For example, KUBI premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. The extensive archive also includes Kadokawa Pictures, Daiei Film, and Nippon Herald Films.

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In recent years, we have produced nearly 40 animated works annually, a figure that is one of the largest in the industry. The KADOKAWA Group has well-established animation production studios and experienced creators, and it continues to offer works in a wide variety of genres, including original animations and other works from other companies in addition to KADOKAWA’s original works.

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Movie Theater Business

We offer comfortable environments and services for films by operating the KADOKAWA Cinema Yurakucho, a theater screening quality movies centered on our in-house productions,  and Mubichike, a service selling digital movie tickets that allow for seat selection online and can be used across Japan.

Group companies

  • ENGI Co.Ltd.

    ENGI Co.Ltd.

    ENGI is a hybrid digital animation production studio that was created by three companies: KADOKAWA CORPORATION, which owns a wealth of content, primarily publications and videos, Sammy Inc., and ULTRA SUPER PICTURES. Taking advantage of the strong support of these three companies, ENGI will strive to create content using new video expressions that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

  • KADOKAWA Architecture, a joint venture, engages in operations related to the KanColle (Kantai Collection) in partnership with C2 Präparat Inc. with C2Architecture at its core. KADOKAWA Architecture also promotes new content services, works as the point of contact for license-related inquiries in the services, conducts practical research into how a new business should be and implements new businesses.



    KADOKAWA K+ is a Korean Entertainment company specializing in Korean media contents distribution in Japan. The company has been actively creating synergies through Korean artist management, fan club operations, and events. KADOKAWA K+ supported by KADOKAWA group's Media Mix power, will grow as a contents powerhouse with further promotion and diversification of its business scope through expanding in Korean media IP rights and artist based contents.



    KADOKAWA DAIEI STUDIO’s business mainly involves the rental of nine large and small studios between 18 and 305 tsubo (approx. 59.5 to 1008.3 square meters), as well as the production of large props and paint finishing. The company is able to do videography, editing, dubbing, audio post production and other post-production work in many different project categories such as films, television programs, commercials and music videos. Also, KADOKAWA DAIEI STUDIO is working to establish a new virtual production studio.

  • Glovision Inc.

    Glovision Inc.

    Glovision is a production company that engages in localization—dubbing and subtitling overseas movies and dramas—and sound production for animation and games. Glovision responds to all needs in media localization and sound production at the Kudan Studio, where cutting-edge technologies, including Dolby Atmos and 4K, are available. We are also working on a project to convert comics to TATESC COMICS.

  • Studio KADAN Co.Ltd.

    Studio KADAN Co.Ltd.

    Studio KADAN is a production studio led by Hiroyuki Seshita, one of Japan's most renowned 3DCG animation directors, having worked on the Netflix animation, GAMERA ‐Rebirth‐ and and CG character direction for the animated film Suzume. In addition to producing full 3DCG cell shading CG animations, they produce a variety of digital entertainment, including XR using 3D modeling, projection mapping, and game-compatible images. They also produce visual effects for live-action movies and produce large-scale works of intellectual property for the global market.

  • MOVIE WALKER Co., Ltd.

    MOVIE WALKER Co., Ltd.

    MOVIE WALKER defines its mission as “increasing moviegoers” and operates “Movieticket”, digital movie ticket , the digital gift “EIGA-GIFT”, the online store "MOVIE WALKER STORE" selling movie-related goods, the movie information site “MOVIE WALKER PRESS”, a site providing information on movies. It publishes theater media and magazines such as “Monthly Cinecon Walker”. In addition, it engages in advertisements related to movies and content production.

  • RagingBull is an animation production studio with a team of highly experienced staff, including director Tomoki Kyoda, who created the “Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven” series.
    In addition to producing animations based on KADOKAWA Group's original works, we also work on creating new IP. We will also take on the challenge of developing advanced, world-class production methods with an emphasis on pre-production.