2. Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

The KADOKAWA Group implements a variety of training courses based on the employees’ position and business, as well as career support that respects employees' intentions, to help grow employees skills to actively participate in the entertainment industry while also demonstrating their own personalities and abilities.

Employee Training

Training Based on Position

KADOKAWA offers guidance to recently graduated and mid-career employees when they join the company. New hire training is offered for recently graduated employees in particular to provide employees with a complete picture of the Group and help them understand the Group’s various businesses, workplace atmosphere, knowledge about being a member of the organization, and more. Follow-up training is also offered to these recently graduated employees after placement in their respective departments. As leadership trainings to achieve skills to lead the next generation, classes are held twice a year in spring and autumn to learn about management strategy, leadership, finance, business planning, presenting, and more.

Outside lecturers are invited and training is held via workshops and group discussions with a small number of participants for employees in management or professional positions. We also implement on-the-job training for section chief-level employees in the departments that new employees are assigned in and on-the-job training leader meetings where senior employees can share their knowledge when training new employees.

Number of Participants, Hours, and Content of Training Courses at KADOKAWA (FY2020)



Training Hours

6,086 hours in total


13 different training courses, including new employee training, mid-career hire guidance, management role training, and e-learning

Training Based on Business

We implement training for each job category aiming to improve business-specific skills through business department initiatives, as skills required in entertainment content differ greatly by genre. These initiatives include producing and editing courses for publication business, web advertising seminars for digital business, and seminars on rights processing and music creation for media mix businesses. In addition to improving skills necessary for the job, we also offer opportunities to gain necessary knowledge on human rights, diversity, discrimination, and more as professionals are involved in the creation of media and content.

Human Resource Training for Digital Transformations

We train employees across the entire Group for digital transformation that can promote user-centric reform and to become well informed about digital matters. We do this by instilling consideration for digital transformation and behavioral patterns through the introduction of Activity Based Working (ABW) and support services for Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and data utilization for our business departments.

With our BPR support, we offer customized services that are based on departmental needs. Starting in FY2021, KADOKAWA Connected Inc. has offered knowledge gained through the BPR support to both within and outside the Group through a service called the KDX Dojo.

Through our duties, we work to widely train employees possessing digital knowledge that can be utilized in business. This includes the installation of a technology evangelist assigned to both the business department and the digital department to promote the digital promotion of business, the formation of cross-organizational data utilization teams, the integration of data existing in each individual department, and the establishment of business intelligence tools that allow data to be utilized by employees under the same parameters.

Regular Evaluation Reviews

At KADOKAWA, we carry out evaluations once a year for full-time employees, contract employees with continued employment, and employees on special duty, and twice a year for contract employees. We work to evaluate employees fairly by looking back at the establishment and adjustment of targets and by setting up multiple interviews to provide feedback from superiors.

Career Support

We introduced a free agent system at KADOKAWA, which is a way that employees can change their working groups by raising their hands, (for KADOKAWA full-time employees and full-time employees at Group companies that express intent to participate in the system) with the goal of respecting individuals’ intentions, creating careers that utilize skills, finding the right person for the right job, and creating new innovations within the KADOKAWA Group. We also introduced a side job system in April 2021 to create an environment where employees have the opportunity to develop new skills and ideas.

Innovation Plan Contest

Starting in 2019, the KADOKAWA Group has held a contest judged by chief officers and higher executives to recognize and implement employee-proposed plans as an initiative to connect employees’ ideas with the business. Employees think of new businesses or business improvements alone or in teams and propose their ideas directly to the managers. By doing so, the Group aims for employees to acquire and improve the necessary skills for business, including discovering issues, conceiving ideas, and implementing plans, while also creating an environment for open and independent action for proposals and improvement.

Plans awarded at the contest are actually commercialized, leading to the release of QRouton, a service for QR codes and shortened URLs, and the development of the Tatesc Comic manga which can be read vertically while scrolling on mobile devices.