Japan is currently undergoing a major transformation. We are beginning to realize the dramatic changes occurring in the way we live, the way we spend our time and the way we work in general, amid the progression of the fourth industrial revolution centered on IoT, AI and big data. In accordance with such revolutionary changes taking place in our society, “Work-Style Reform” is underway through the efforts implemented by both the private and public sectors.

 Amid such substantial changes taking place in our environment, the KADOKAWA group of today was formed as a result of a business integration in 2014 between KADOKAWA - a company which has evolved over time since its inception as a publisher in 1945 to become a comprehensive entertainment media company inclusive of movies, anime and gaming - and DWANGO - a company that has always been at the forefront of the internet industry in Japan since its inception as an IT venture company in 1997.

 Founded on our group-wide management philosophy of “Fueki Ryuko (=The constant pursuit of novelty brings visibility to what essentially remains eternally unchanged)”, we have thus far continued to dedicate our efforts in diversifying our business portfolio and in reinforcing our management infrastructure.

 The management goal of the KADOKAWA group consists of three pillars: “Creation of Intellectual Property (IP)”, “Multiplexed development of our IP” and “Multiplexed diversification of our Media”. We are aiming to maximize our business opportunities through the creation of many exceptional IPs by way of catalytic contributions from our editors and engineers, followed by the realization of a multiplexed development of our IPs which can answer to the demand of our online and offline users and to expand our IPs to every online and offline media as the respective touch points with our users.

 We position the strategic promotion of “Digital Transformation (=Reform of products and services based on consumer and social demand, reform of business model as well as reform of the business itself extending to corporate culture in use of digital data and technology) as our growth engine for the entire group so as to achieve our management goal.

 With a view to accelerating our implementation of Digital Transformation, “KADOKAWA Connected” was set up on April 1, 2019 as a new subsidiary consisting of members from the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) divisions of KADOKAWA and DWANGO, thereby establishing an organization capable of providing internal and external ICT services at an industry-leading level.

 Concurrently, we are steadily reinforcing our IP creation capabilities at a group-wide level through publication of 5,000 new titles and magazines every year as well as through the deepened collaboration between DWANGO’s “niconico” and KADOKAWA’s UGC (User Generated Content) platform businesses including “Kakuyomu”, “Comic Walker” and “RPG Tkool”.

 KADOKAWA’s future lies with our growth to become a world renowned media publisher through enhanced evolution of our multiplexed media deployment capabilities supported by the outstanding strength in “IP Creation” and “IT Technology” held by the KADOKAWA group.

 “Fueki Ryuko”
KADOKAWA group will keep on taking new challenges in our quest for further evolution, without fear of change.
We kindly ask you for your continued support going forward.
Masaki MatsubaraRepresentative Director and PresidentKADOKAWA CORPORATION
Masaki Matsubara
Representative Director and President