Since its founding as a publishing company in 1945, the KADOKAWA Group has steadily created a diverse portfolio of intellectual property, including publishing, films, anime, games, and user-generated content, based on the Group's management philosophy of “Continuity and Change”(What essentially remains eternally unchanged shows up by the constant pursuit of novelty). The Group has set the advancement of “Global Media Mix” as a basic strategy, focusing on expanding the intellectual properties to the world.

We have worked to strengthen our management and revenue base through strategically advancing digital transformation (using data and digital technology to transform products, services, and business models based on customer and social needs and to transform business itself and corporate culture) in every area, including intellectual property development, manufacturing, advertising, logistics, operations.

In addition to our ability to create intellectual property based on the 5,000 newly published books and magazines each year that are the source of our “Global Media Mix”, we have been working steadily to strengthen the entire Group’s ability to create intellectual property by deepening our cooperation with user-generated content platforms, including “niconico”, “Kakuyomu”, “Maho i-Land”, and “RPG Maker/Tkool”.

As a result of this approach, we achieved record net sales and operating profit in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021.

Our diverse ability to expand media supported by our excellence in ability to create intellectual property and technological capabilities will be further developed through advances in a digital transformation strategy, and we will grow to become one of the leading global media companies. This is the future that awaits the KADOKAWA Group.

In terms of expanding new business areas, in line with Information Age, N High School and S High School, which offer interactive learning services developed independently by DWANGO, have been chosen by many students, and as of May 2021, they have grown to be the largest online schools in terms of the number of students. We aim to become a leading company in EdTech together with a further expansion of the business.

“Continuity and Change”

The KADOKAWA Group will continue to seek further development and take on challenges without fearing change.
We thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.
Takeshi NatsunoPresidentMember of the BoardKADOKAWA CORPORATION
Takeshi Natsuno
Member of the Board