To realize a sustainable society in which all people, regardless of country or region, can enjoy prosperity and happiness, the KADOKAWA Group recognizes that its first and foremost social responsibility is to comply with all laws in both letter and spirit, to build trust with its stakeholders and to conduct appropriate corporate activities under fair and free competition. To realize this, we will ensure that all directors and employees adhere to the highest ethical standards and act with integrity in compliance by clearly stating our philosophy on compliance, as follows:  

1. We will behave according to the rules as a member of society.

  • We will conduct fair corporate activities in compliance with laws, regulations, internal rules and social norms.
  • We will act by understanding and respecting the culture and customs of the countries and regions where we do business.
  • We will respect the rights and property of others and strive to protect our rights and property.
  • We will strictly manage personal and confidential information obtained through our business operations in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • We aim to develop together with society through consideration of environmental issues and each individual's contribution to society.

2. We will strive to have a close dialogue with our shareholders.

  • We will strive to create an attractive company to enhance our corporate value over the long term and on an ongoing basis.
  • We will disclose information in a timely, appropriate and proactive manner in order to gain a correct understanding of the situation of our company management and overall corporate activities.
  • We will not tolerate insider trading or stock transactions that could be suspected of such trading.

3. We will strive to improve our credibility as a company by providing content and services that satisfy our customers.

  • We will provide quality content and services that will satisfy and earn the trust of our customers by leveraging the Group's ability to create IPs and its technologies.
  • We will sincerely listen to our customers' feedback and apply it to our content and service offerings.

4. We will maintain sound relationships with our business partners.

  • We will conduct fair, transparent and free transactions with business partners involved in the creation of the Group's IP, maintain sound and normal relationships with them, and make no unreasonable demands, and we will not engage in bribery, corruption or corrupt practices.
  • We will engage in sound competition and comply with antitrust laws and other laws and regulations governing business transactions.
  • We will not do business with organized crime groups and other anti-social forces.

5. We will create a working environment in which workers can exercise their creativity.

  • We will respect individuality and diversity to create a place of work that is an attractive environment.
  • We will strive for appropriate decision-making and internal vitalization through the smooth exchange of opinions.
  • We will strive to prevent all acts of harassment that hinder workers' motivation.