• Digital Transformation to an Era of Worldwide Connections Using IP:2020–

Digital Transformation to an Era of Worldwide Connections Using IP:2020–

On November 6, 2020, Tokorozawa Sakura Town, one of Japan's largest facilities disseminating pop culture, opens. KADOKAWA promotes production and distribution reform in the publishing business and work style reform through digital transformation (DX) and advances the intangible experience business. It grows as a mega content publisher responding to changing times. KADOKAWA advances a global media mix strategy, which focuses on steadily creating a variety of intellectual property and expanding overseas.  

  • 2020

    “READPIA”, a new brand of reading drama production is launched.
    Business Produce Division wins the Google2019 Partnership Award Display Monetization award.
    The light novel series Slayers from the “Fantasia Bunko” label commemorates its 30th anniversary.
    Agreement on regional security has been concluded between Tokorozawa city, Tokorozawa Police station, and KADOKAWA.
    Agreement on crime prevention urban development plan has been concluded between Saitama prefecture, Saitama Prefectural Police, and KADOKAWA.
    Official online merchandise store for overseas customers “EJ ANiME STORE” was launched.
    KADOKAWA Connected fully starts “Smart City Lab” and DX advisory service.
    The movie Fukushima 50 is released.
    For the people staying at home to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection, numerous e-books including children’s books, light novels, comics, and study guides has been provided free for a limited time on platforms such as “BOOK☆WALKER””ComicWalker””Kimirano” and “Yomeruba”.
    In response to school closures caused by novel coronavirus, KADOKAWA DWANGO GAKUEN N High School and DWANGO started to provide online study app “N Yobiko” and online classes for free to the public.
    “Ncon”, a new business by DWANGO is launched.
    There Is No Other by Yama Wayama won the New Artist Award in the manga category of the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival and the Short Story Award of the 24th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.
    Ryusei Calling by Toru Kawabe won the grand prize in the novel category of the 10th Hiroshima Book Grand Prix.
    “Tokorozawa Sakura Town” was constructed.
    Swan by Katsuhiro Go won the New Artist Award of the 41st Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize and the 73rd Mystery Writers of Japan Awards〈in the long and serial short story category〉.
    “Musashino Reiwa Shrine” (Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation) was constructed.
    “Tokorozawa Sakura Town” pre-opened.
    Illustration advertisements were presented on Japan's first "LED manholes," which have been installed in Tokorozawa City, Saitama.
    “Canteen KADOKAWA” opened.
    “ComicWalker” exceeded 200 million PVs per month.
    Monthly overseas sales of “BOOK☆WALKER” exceeded 100 million yen.
    Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc. was established.
    The headquarters system was abolished, and the whole group was restructured into 13 area groups.
    “EJ ANIME HOTEL” opened.
    Pan Dorobo by Keiko Shibata won the 11th LIBRO Picture Book Award and 1th TSUTAYA Picture Book Award.
    N High School's project-based learning "Project N" won the Good Design Award 2020.
    The movie Seven Days War won the Award for Best Motion Picture at the 53rd Sitges Film Festival.
    “Tokorozawa Sakura Town” opened.
    “Kadokawa Culture Museum” (Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation) opened.
    “DA VINCI STORE” was opened.
    “Ramen Walker Kitchen” was opened.
    KADOKAWA is in the 75th anniversary of its foundation.
    “niconico” changes its service logo to “ニコニコ”.
    In the 71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (music program), YOASOBI, a duo who participated in the program for the first time, performed live from Bookshelf Theater of Kadokawa Culture Museum.
    “Newtype” and “ASUKA” marked their 35th anniversary. “Monthly The Television” and “Monthly COMIC BEAM” marked their 25th anniversary. “DENGEKI ONLINE” marked its 20th anniversary. “DENGEKI Daioh” marked its 15th anniversary. “BOOK☆WALKER” marked its 10th anniversary. “Weekly The Television” published the 1900th issue.

  • 2021

    D.LEAGUE, Japan's first professional dance league, opens. KADOKAWA DREAMS participates in the league.
    The film "Fukushima 50" won the most awards including the best awards in 6 categories and the excellence awards in 12 categories at the 44th Japan Academy Awards, and won Best Picture at the 63rd Blue Ribbon Awards.
    The film "MOTEHR" won Best Film of the 75th Mainichi Film Awards.