How KADOKAWA Group is Responding to COVID-19

We extend our sincerest condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one to COVID-19 and our best wishes for the recovery of everyone currently suffering from the disease. We also wish to express respect and gratitude for the medical professionals and everyone working to bring the pandemic to the earliest possible end.

The KADOKAWA Group's top priorities are the safety of our employees, their family members, our customers and all other stakeholders and the prevention of infection to enable us to continue delivering entertainment to people around the world.

Including our overseas subsidiaries, we will continue to engage in initiatives in line with the measures for preventing infection in accordance with the policies of national and local governments.

Support for vaccination

[Workplace vaccination]

Within the KADOKAWA Group, a COVID-19 vaccination program has been underway at the office of DWANGO Co., Ltd. since June 28, 2021. Not just KADOKAWA Group employees and their family members, but also authors, online content creators and influencers who have had transactions with us are able to get vaccinated through this program.

[Vaccination leave]

Within the KADOKAWA Group, individual companies have introduced vaccination leave and other programs for employees wishing to get vaccinated. We have thus created an environment where employees can become vaccinated without worries.

Remote working at group companies

We have constructed a system to ensure the continuation of business activities that includes a high percentage of employees working remotely in accordance with the COVID-19 situation in different countries and regions and the peculiarities of individual group companies.

< Example of remote working at group companies >
(Monthly average in July 2022, which marked a step towards achieving both infection prevention measures and the revitalization of social activity)

Example of remote working at group companies when the number of new COVID-19 infections increased