Access information and device-specific IDs acquired by cookies and web beacons

In our service, we use technology which can ascertain the status of access from a user’s computer, such as “cookies” which check the user by sending a small data file from the server to the user's hard disk or memory or a “web beacon,” to obtain the activity history and statistics of the user's website and also the user's device-specific ID (including device information, device-specific ID, browser type and version, used language and IP address) etc.
Access information such as cookies and device-specific IDs used by us does not include any information that identifies individuals.

We mainly use access information such as cookies and device-specific IDs for the following purposes:

  • Customizing website content and page information
    … To make our website more convenient, we use cookies to provide personalized information to each user, such as article recommendations and simplified access etc.
  • Efficient advertisement delivery to users
    … When delivering advertisements by us or third-party companies, access information such as cookies is used to efficiently deliver advertisements such as behavioral targeting.

If you visit a page that displays advertisements distributed by a third party, the third party will also obtain cookie information. Cookie information collected at these sites will not be provided or disclosed to us and will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy established by the third-party company. For more information on how cookies are used, what information is captured by cookies, and how to stop collecting (opt-out), please visit the following websites:

Web site traffic surveys such as user numbers

We use cookies to statistically track and store the actual number of users, access trends, and browsing history for the purpose of improving services.
The following third-party systems may be used to collect information using cookies. Please refer to the following websites for information on the privacy policy of third-party systems and how to stop collecting information (opt-out).

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Universal Analytics Security and Privacy
Google Analytics opt-out add-on

Tresure Data (Treasure Data Corporation)
Tresure Data Privacy Statement

Marketo(Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited)
Adobe Privacy Policy

We use Authenticated Traffic Solutions (ATS) provided by LiveRamp Japan.
ATS is a solution for ad targeting in a cookie-free environment by matching our anonymized customer data with customer-verified advertiser first-party data held by LiveRamp Japan in real time.

LiveRamp Japan
opt out

Advertisement distribution by third-party distributors

Our advertisements are posted on various sites on the Internet by third-party distributors including Google, LINE, and Facebook. Third-party distributors, including Google, LINE, and Facebook, use identification information such as cookies to deliver advertisements based on past access information to our website. In addition, the third-party distributors may irreversibly convert personal information held by us and personal information held by the third-party distributors into data that does not identify the individual, perform matching at the third-party distributors, and then serve advertisements based on the result. Third-party distributors will not use this information for any purpose other than advertising distribution.

<Use of services related to display advertising provided by Google>

We will display Google Ads depending on how you use our website. We also use Google Analytics to understand the usage of our website, and the advertising services provided by Google Analytics (Google Analytics Remarketing, Google Display Network Impressions Report, Report on Google Analytics User Distribution and Interest Category, and an integrated service that uses Google Analytics to collect data using advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers). For this reason, we collect traffic data using Google Ads cookies and anonymous IDs, in addition to standard Google Analytics data. For more information, please see “Google Analytics Terms of Service,” “Privacy Policy,” and “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services.”
In addition, please see “About Customer Match” for details on ad serving through Customer Match.
For ad serving through Google Analytics and Customer Match, you can disable Google’s use of cookies and ad serving by visiting the Google ad opt-out page at

Google Inc.
Google Analytics Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services
About Customer Match
opt out

<Ad serving using Facebook Custom Audiences>

We use Facebook Custom Audiences to display advertisements based on your usage of our services. For more information, please see “About Custom Audiences.”
You can disable ad serving using Facebook Custom Audiences by visiting Facebook’s opt-out page at

Meta Platforms, Inc.
About Custom Audiences
opt out

<Use of behavioral targeting advertising provided by LINE>

We will display advertisements on LINE according to your usage of our website. For more information, please see “LINE Privacy Policy” and “Optimization of services by attributes.” You can disable the association of our website visit history information with your LINE account by visiting the LINE opt-out page at

LINE Corporation
LINE Privacy Policy
Optimization of services by attributes
opt out

<Advertisement distribution by CRITEO>

We will use CRITEO to display advertisements depending on how you use our website. Please see "CRITEO privacy policy" for details.To disable the use of cookies by CRITEO, go to the CRITEO opt-out page (

CRITEO privacy policy
CRITEO opt-out page

Revision of this guideline

We may choose to amend this guideline at our discretion. Should this guideline be amended, we shall notify users by posts on our services. After such amendment notifications, users shall consent to this guideline, post amendment, by using our services.