• Announcing RPG Maker Unite – An Ambitious Project to use Unity for the next RPG Maker installment!〈Gotcha Gotcha Games〉


Announcing RPG Maker Unite – An Ambitious Project to use Unity for the next RPG Maker installment!〈Gotcha Gotcha Games〉

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Get ready for a new chapter of the RPG Maker series! We, Gotcha Gotcha Games, developer of the RPG Maker series code-less engine, is thrilled to announce our latest product RPG Maker Unite – an ambitious project aimed at making development on the industry-popular Unity engine more intuitive and fun!

A Radical Reapproach to Unity Game Development!

RPG Maker Unite - currently slated for a 2022 release on Windows and Mac – will leverage on the highly-popular Unity and aim to make RPG game development more intuitive and fun for anyone than ever!

Like past Maker series titles, RPG Maker Unite would retain its unique code-less nature that opens up the dream for more people wishing to become a developer. Not only that, with Unity's native support of mobile platforms, RPG Maker Unite would become more fit to provide users with the options to easily widen their player-base broader than ever!

At Gotcha Gotcha Games, it is our sincerest wish to unlock many creators' path to becoming a game developer but are turned back by the many hurdles of game development - RPG Maker Unite is our latest endeavor to this mission.

■RPG Maker Unite Store Page

RPG Maker Unite is available for Wishlisting on Steam!
Steam Store:
RPG Maker Unite will also be available on Unity Asset Store at launch!

RPG Maker Unite

Visual Game Development Software

Windows / macOS

・Planned Release

Unity Asset Store(TBA)


・Developed By
Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc.

■What is “Maker series”?

The Maker series are game development software that dates as far back to the 1990s. We released multiple engines fitting different developer needs such as RPGs, Visual Novels, Action Games, and so on.

While the past Maker titles were standalone software, we believe that with Unity's capabilities and our 30 years of experience in making visually forward engines, we can provide an experience that makes the game development process so much easier!

■RPG Maker Unite Features:

・Create RPG games without coding!
With RPG Maker series’ powerful command system and editable parameters, users will be able to rapidly create systems without any sort of coding knowledge!

・Beautiful resources to make compelling games!
Streamline your game development process further with our library of assets! From audio, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more, you can create a game immediately!

・An enhanced Map Editor!
Want to improve your maps further than before? RPG Maker Unite will also feature support for pre-rendered backgrounds and object-oriented map structures. Elevate your game's presentation with our new tools!

・Featuring an established and versatile Database System!
RPG Maker Unite, like its predecessors, will also provide a premade database that is necessary to create an RPG! It will include Character stats and classes, items, abilities, monsters and so much more! You can customize and add your entries to stand out!

Please stay tuned for further information!

RPG Maker Festival Sale Event!

RPG Maker Festival Sale Event

In addition to the announcement of RPG Maker Unite, we are also thrilled to announce the hosting of RPG Maker Festival during February 15th 03:00 AM ~ February 22nd 03:00 AM JST (February 14th 10:00 AM ~ February 21st 10:00 AM PST) sale event on Steam! Not only current RPG Maker titles like “RPG Maker MZ” as well as “Pixel Game Maker MV” and many Maker-based game titles would be available at a bargain, but we are also running a Free Play campaign during this time for those who are interested in RPG making and want to get a glimpse of what RPG Maker series is like!

RPG Maker Festival Sale Page:

Why February 15th?
*February 15th is quite a special day for RPG Maker series! It’s original Japanese name, “Tkool” (Pron. tsu-koo-ru), sounds close to saying “2, 9, 6” in Japanese. The fan community then added up the last two digits, which is 15, to make “2, 15”, essentially February 15th! Like the Screenshot Saturday in the western community, this is a day where Maker series users would post and share screenshots or updates on what they are making!

【RPG Maker Unite Official Page and Links】

・RPG Maker Unite Official Site: Coming Soon!
・RPG Maker Unite Twitter:
・RPGMakerWeb Twitter:

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